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The most preferred type of company by entrepreneurs who want to establish a new company is sole proprietorship Company.

It can be set up with more than one partner or it can be set up alone. The fact that the establishment and closing works can be done easily provides a great advantage for the new entrepreneur.
We share the steps to be followed by new entrepreneurs who want to take their place in the business world quickly and with the lowest cost.

You can start your company establishment process interactively without going to the Tax Office.

Required documents when establishing your sole proprietorship

·       Photo of the front of your ID

·       If the address of the workplace where you will operate belongs to you,

·       If the workplace address where you will operate is rented, Rental Agreement

·       If you do your business with your vehicle, with a Vehicle License

·       If your vehicle belongs to you or if it is a brand-new vehicle, Vehicle Invoice

·       If it is a secondhand vehicle, Notary Sales Contract

·       If it is rented, Rental contract

Limited Company establishment

Whether it is e-commerce or physical commerce, the type of company preferred by the owners of the companies who want to add a legal identity to their company is the Limited company.
It can be established by one or more natural or legal persons, but the number of partners cannot exceed 50. Limited companies are established with a minimum capital of 10.000 TL. If a limited company will be a partner, the capital to be put by a partner must be at least 25 TL. We recommend that you first deal with a Financial Advisor you can trust. Your Financial Advisor will provide you with a time advantage regarding company establishment documents and the order of things to be done. It will also warn you about the costs you should avoid.

Documents Required for Establishing a Limited Company

·       Certificate of Residence (for E-Government partners)

·       Copy of ID (for partners)

·       Rental Agreement.

·       Determined title of the company

·       Determined capital amount

·       Shareholders capital ratio

·       Determined company representative (Manager)

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