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For our entrepreneurial women who want to start their own business, we have searched for government-supported loan opportunities for you.


The Ministry of Family and Social Studies provides repayment or grant loan support to women entrepreneurs in order to establish their own businesses or to develop their existing businesses.


The Ministry of Family and Social Studies of the Republic of Turkey provides interest-free loan support of 15.000₺ per person for income-generating projects for women entrepreneurs as of 2021. The support loan is interest-free and offers the opportunity to repay a total of 8 equal installments within 8 years. The Ministry of Family and Social Studies has provided 375,000,000₺ support for the Entrepreneurial Women project to date. Some conditions are required for our women entrepreneurs to benefit from this loan.

Conditions sought for state support to women entrepreneurs.

·       Not to be subject to any social protection institution

·       Have the knowledge and skills to work on the project

·       Not benefiting from income-generating projects supported by the Fund

·       Employing at least 2 women

·       Not being actively working

You can find detailed information about loan terms from the links below.