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Where office costs occur, what measures can be taken to reduce and prevent these costs?

Office expenses, called general expenses, are one of the important items that affect profitability. It can be difficult to manage costs when expenses such as electricity-water-natural gas-telephone, wear and replacement of office equipment, and such expenses overlap. Reducing general office costs to one item and choosing appropriate rental methods is the most popular option today. Today, the most preferred method of many large and distinguished enterprises is leasing. Even when you go without calculating office costs, it’s a significant time saver. Considering that the expenses may occur in the increase in usage, serviced  office  – virtual office and common use desks stand out as the most advantageous cost reduction methods.

Advantages of Serviced Office Rental

Today, many distinguished companies have prevented their expenses by renting a serviced office. So what are the advantages of a serviced office and what is its effect on costs? What does the rental price include?

·       Electricity-water-natural gas-telephone-internet-building expenses and cleaning expenses

·       Office furniture and all used equipment and their wear and replacement costs

·       moving costs

·       Rental and VAT advantage without withholding

Advantages of Virtual Office Rental

It is the most preferred rental management for small businesses and businesses that do not need an office. They do not bear the office costs and continue their work in the comfort of the office. So what are the advantages of virtual office?

·       They receive sectarianism and postal service

·       Use of physical office and meeting room whenever they wish

·       Rental and VAT advantage without withholding

Common Shared Desk Usage (CO-WORKING)


One of the most trending methods of today is the use of shared desks, namely  Co-Working. You can rent a table and manage your projects for as long as the required time and number of people. With Co-Working, you do not bear the office expenses, and you receive services for all your physical office needs.