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Due to the changing needs during the pandemic process, the new normal office concept has emerged. In the “new normal”, we will tell you why you should choose Office Rental Services.

The Covid-19 pandemic has profoundly affected business life, as in many other areas, and has brought along a process of change. As part of the social distance measures taken, hundreds of thousands of companies have switched to working from home model. The majority of the employees, on the other hand, are in favor of using more boutique co-working spaces that comply with social distance rules instead of fixed offices in the new normal period. In cases where an address is required, virtual offices are preferred. While you are working from home, your transactions such as telephone, cargo, mail, which should not be interrupted, are managed by TNEXT OFFICE Virtual Office Services.

As in the world, the number of people per square meter in offices is reduced in our country, and the office rental service is expanded for employees to form teams with less number of people in appropriate centers. At TNEXT OFFICE, spacious serviced office solutions that appeal to every square meter seeker, located on the 18th floor of Business Istanbul, in the heart of Istanbul, and fully receiving daylight, are offered.


In the work areas designed according to the social distance rules in Tnext Office, you can use either a serviced office or a virtual office with peace of mind, thanks to brand new ventilation filters that provide continuous fresh air flow, hand disinfection station at the entrance, mask waste box and daily – weekly professional cleaning services. For more detailed information, you can review our Covid-19 measures on our website.