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Secretarial Service

Telephone Switchboard Management, Call Center

Professional call handling

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    Virtual Secretary, Telephone Reception Service

    With the Secretary Service, calls coming to our switchboard are answered by real persons in Turkish/English with your company title, caller information and note are recorded. If you wish, the incoming call will be forwarded to you, if you wish, you will be informed instantly via SMS and Mail.

    IVR - Interactive Voice Response Voice Response System

    IVR means Voice Response System in Turkish.

    The Voice Response System is called the welcome announcements that you have previously determined. Your incoming call to the exchange starts with your welcome announcement in our IVR system, then the incoming phone call is answered by our live sector.

    For example “Good afternoon, welcome to Tnext Office. If you know the extension, please dial it. For English press 9…”

    IVR announcements are very important. It creates the first point of contact for your customers looking for your company. Therefore, a nice welcome announcement will add both prestige and professionalism.

    Any IVR announcements are configured by Tnext Office at affordable prices.

    5OO TL IVR Announcement, FREE of Charge

    Central Secretarial Services

    Secretarial Prices
    500 + VAT Month
    • Free Phone Number Allocation
    • Free IVR Welcome Announcement
    • IVR Voice Response System Integration
    • Gelen Aramaların Yönlendirilmesi (Limitsiz Yönlendirme)
    • Incoming Call Notification by SMS / Mail

    Query Number / Choose Any Number

    Number to query



    Number to query




    The number you will request is valid with the purchase of Virtual Office Packages or Telephone Secretary Service. Only phone numbers are not sold.

    You can contact our Customer Representative for Free Number Allocation.

    Virtual Secretarial Service Notification System

    Incoming calls to your phone numbers answered with your company name are answered by real persons with the secretary service and you are notified instantly via SMS / Mail.

    ✅ If you do not want forwarding, caller information and notes are notified to you.

    ✅ Your calls to the phone number registered to our exchange are forwarded to you or caller information is received,

    ✅ You will be notified instantly via SMS and Mail.

    Notification via SMS / Mail

    Notification of incoming calls and call information via SMS / Mail.

    10% Discount on Annual Payment!

    Virtual Secretary Service

    If you wish, you can take advantage of monthly payment or installment by credit card.

    Why should I get virtual secretarial services?

    ✅ You do not charge for installation,

    ✅ You do not need to employ staff,

    ✅ You do not need server and infrastructure systems,

    ✅ You do not pay maintenance / repair costs.

    Most important; You add prestige to your company thanks to your phone number to be answered with your company name.

    5OO TL + VAT

    sekreter hizmeti
    0 number of Missed Calls

    The number of missed and missed calls due to various reasons in 2022 is 0. In our secretarial service, no call is missed.

    % 0 System Active Rate

    Our system active rate in 2022 is 99.9%. Total downtime during the year is 5 hours. The longest downtime is 00:21 minutes. We openly publish our cut-off rate and duration.

    A virtual exchange is a system that manages and answers your incoming calls to your business phone and offers forwarding service to you or any other number you want. Moreover, you do not need to employ a staff for all these. We move your current phone number to our own switchboard server and answer incoming calls with your company name. For detailed information, you can contact our sales representative here.

    The contract is made according to the package you choose. We have non-contracted and contracted package alternatives.


    You do not pay any installation fees or maintenance fees.


    If you don’t have a number, we can assign you a number. You can select numbers starting with 0850, 0216 or 0800 from the number inquiry section.


    We forward your calls to our switchboard to the phone number you have given us. You do not pay any extra fees for this service. You have the right to receive and forward unlimited calls.


    If the phone you choose is within our structure, we can activate your phone opening and switchboard services within 12 hours. When factors such as the purchase of your phone number, BTK legal obligations, and IVR welcome announcement are entered, the opening takes up to 48 hours. As Tnext Office, we complete your transactions in an average of 8 hours.


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