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Rental Office / Serviced Office ?

Rental Office / Serviced Office ?

Undoubtedly, you consider the smallest detail when determining the address of your company. From the location to the plaza or office building where your office is located, from the rental fee to the facilities around it, and its proximity to public transportation, many alternatives constitute your selection criteria. Moreover, the work does not end there only.  Let’s talk about the differences and advantages between traditional rentals and  Serviced Office rentals in this article. At the end of this article, perhaps you will come to the end of your search for an Office for Rent.

Rental is the most popular system today. Companies do not prefer to own the property by paying large sums of money and choose the management of leasing them. You can now rent simple or professional printers, TVs, furniture, and all kinds of items used in offices. So much so that most of the stationery used in the office (staples, scissors, hole punch, etc.) can be rented.

While this is the case, it becomes unnecessary to buy your office for your company and invest in real estate. monies paid for the purchase; By investing in areas such as capital and R&D, sustainability and profitability can be significantly increased.

In your search for an office to rent, there are two alternatives. You can own your rental office by renting a traditional office or by renting a Serviced Office.

Serviced Office Advantages

Traditional office   rentals are more difficult and costly than serviced office rentals. When you rent a traditional office, your first expense is undoubtedly withholding. In our country, withholding tax constitutes 20% of the annual rental price and unfortunately this allowance has no return to your company. The situation is very advantageous in Serviced Office rentals. When you use your rental office need for a Serviced Office, 18% VAT is charged to your company and you provide an advantage to your company by removing the invoice. It’s not over, this was the first advantage of the Serviced Office system.

You are looking for an office to rent and you have chosen a Serviced Office. At this point, you have a lot of advantages.

As the name suggests, Serviced Offices are delivered to your ready-made. Tables, chairs, caissons, cabinets, shelves, and even hangers can be found in your office. You do not need to make any investment or expense for these. You do not need to spend the same for the infrastructure of your office. You have your phones on your desk, you have high-speed internet.

The serviced office you rent will also save on your personnel expenses. In traditional office rentals, you need to employ personnel for the cleaning and maintenance of your center, while in Serviced Office Solutions these responsibilities belong to the service provider. Likewise, the service provider allocates a secretary and provides phone answering, solutions for your in-office needs, mail and cargo tracking, and guest reception services. In this way, you will not be employing a secretary.

What’s the included service in serviced office?

If you rent a Serviced Office from  TNEXT OFFICE for your rental office needs   ;

·       No withholding, VAT invoice is issued, and you can expense it,

·       You have 24/7 office use,

·       You will have a prestigious workplace address,

·       You will have an office for rent in the secure plaza,

·       You can benefit from the indoor parking facility,

·       Your privacy is protected with soundproofed office and meeting rooms,

·       In the center of public transportation, you will have your office right at the exit of the metro,

·       You can benefit from unlimited hot drinks and water,

·       You can use the meeting room for your meeting needs,

·       Your incoming guests are welcomed by our secretary and directed to you,

·       We allocate a phone number for your company,

·       We connect your allocated phone to our switchboard, receive and direct your incoming calls with your company name,

·       General office cleaning is done daily.