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What is Virtual Office ?

What is Virtual Office? Is Virtual Office Legal?

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    What is Virtual Office?

    It is a great advantage especially for newly established companies. The legal address service required for company establishments is provided with the virtual office alternative. In other words, without the need for a physical office or office to establish a company, it offers legal addresses for company establishments at very affordable prices. Virtual Offices, which are also included in the laws of the Republic of Turkey and the Revenue Administration, are completely legal.

    It officially represents you with the legal address service, your cargo and notifications are received, your incoming calls are met by our secretarial services. We welcome you and your guests with our treats. We provide a legal workplace address for your business. The most important of these is that you do not pay rent withholding, you can expense all of your VAT deducted invoice.

    what is virtual office

    Is Virtual Office Legal?

    Yes. It is completely legal. There are no restrictions on workplace address and legal address in the Turkish Commercial Law of TCC. Moreover, the Revenue Administration and Tax Offices recognize and accept legal addresses. In fact, the tax procedure law, regulations and the functioning of Virtual Offices in municipalities are specified. Therefore, there is no need to be in any doubt about the legality of virtual offices. 


    Earnings in the short and long term with low office costs

    Professional company image thanks to prestigious legal address

    Business development model with networking opportunity

    Discounted meeting room use and delivery service

    Option to purchase the service you need

    Professional secretarial service

    Virtual Office in İstanbul

    ✅ Legal address service required in company establishment or company address transfer operations is provided.

    ✅ Incoming calls with a phone number allocated to your company free of charge are received by real persons with your company name in Turkish / English and in case of caller information, information is sent to you by e-mail. You will be forwarded to the phone number you specify in line with your request.

     Your cargo / notification and mail are received and information is sent to you. Upon your approval and request, it will be opened and scanned and the information will be sent to you. Your documents are kept as long as you wish. You will be forwarded to the address you specify in line with your request.

     Your meetings are hosted with a friendly welcome.

     Unlimited internet and unlimited free catering service is provided in packages with common area usage.


    Kadıkoy Virtual Office

    Virtual Office Prices

    Göztepe Business provides service in Istanbul Plaza. With Business Istanbul rental office services, professionally managed serviced office, virtual office, co-working space, meeting room and telephone secretarial services are offered. Manage your company in a prestigious area with ready-to-rent offices on the 18th floor of Göztepe Business Istanbul Plaza, the prestigious location of Istanbul, all of which get daylight.

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    Hazır Ofis Anadolu Yakası

    Incoming calls and mail / cargo to your phone numbers answered with your company name are instantly available via SMS and Mail.

    ✅ Your Mail / Cargo and Notifications are received,

    ✅ Your calls to the phone number registered to our exchange are forwarded to you or caller information is received,

    ✅ You will be notified instantly via SMS and Mail.

    Notification by SMS / Mail

    Notification, postal/cargo tracking and telephone secretarial Instant notification with our services.


    A virtual office is suitable for e-commerce company owners and specialists, individuals or groups working as Freelancers, those who are constantly on the go and do not need a physical office environment, those who avoid high office costs but need a prestigious workplace address and service. Even if your office is virtual, you can also benefit from our office and meeting room services with our packages suitable for you whenever you want.



    Located right next to the Istanbul – E5 Göztepe bridge, Business Istanbul Plaza offers a prestigious office in the heart of Istanbul.


    • Our location advantages;
    • Göztepe Metro 100 meters,
    • Uzunçayır Metrobus 900 meters,
    • Eurasia Tunnel 1.8 kilometers,
    • 3 stops by Metro to Marmaray,
    • Bagdat Street is 2.2 kilometes.

    With our professional serviced office services, we have thought of everything about the comfort and prestige of you and your team.



    Let's Call You...

    A signed contract is sent within the legal address service required during the establishment of the company. With this contract   , company establishment procedures can be started immediately through the interactive tax office .


    With the service option that provides financial consultancy support from our various  VIRTUAL OFFICE  packages we offer, you can have the financial consultancy service required during your company establishment.

    You have made your company establishment or carried out your address migration. Afterwards, you will receive an SMS notification from the tax office about the day of attendance. The company representative must be present at the office on the relevant date. Professional attendance support is provided to you at TNEXT OFFICE .


    You have a physical office, but you have decided to close your office due to increased costs. You now need a legal address.  Or, if your current legal address is at an address where you cannot host your guests or solution partners , you can move your address immediately to benefit from TNEXT OFFICE’s modern  meeting room solutions.